Thank you so much for that amazing trip to Israel. You said it would change the way we see the scriptures, and it truly has!!! I would love to go again!


e checked into Kibbutz Maagan on the Sea of Galilee. We were there 3 nights. It was one of my favorite places. The rooms were clean, and everything worked. Once again, dinner and breakfast buffets and gorgeous views.


Brian is very knowledgeable about the Holy Land history and culture. He hires excellent local guides. Once we got used to shawarma, the meals were great. Our travel itinerary was derailed because of an airline strike, and Brian expertly handled the situation. We enjoyed the time allotted to be on our own if we chose to.

Don Prest

Hi Brian, I had an amazing time which I will remember for a long time.

Lorraine W.

Thank you for the wonderful tour. You do an amazing job. We felt the spirit throughout the tour. We will be touring with you again.
Brian, thank you again.


I just wanted to thank you again for everthing you do to make this a trip of a lifetime. For me, it truly was a life-changing experience. My desire for more knowledge about the things we saw and did has opened a new door for study and learning. The lessons I teach in Gospel Doctrine now have more meaning. I will never forget the things I felt at the House of Caiaphas as we toured the prison and as we talked outside about the our Savior’s sacrifice. Words cannot express the witness I had of my Savior’s love for all of us and the suffering he endured because of that love

Marcia J.

These last few days have been enlightening for me. I feel like I have never drawn closer to my Savior. The memories will continue to aid my testimony long after we’ve left the Holy Land. Keep up your passion for this magnificent work.

Pamela S.

It has been a pleasure to have you as my guide for my trip to the Holy Land. Your knowledge has provided much insight into my Holy Land experience.

Kent G.